What can Business leaders learn from Euro 2012?

The Euro 2012 football tournament has just ended with Spain running out winners, no surprises there. But what is it that has allowed Spain to win 3 major football tournaments in a row, Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012? What makes Spain so successful? We argue although their technical skill and fitness are first-rate, they have a special ability to control their emotions.

If we look at other competitors in the tournament, Germany, France, Italy and Holland, all have highly skilled, physically fit players, yet the Dutch side failed to win a single game. Many argue they lack a special factor that is fundamental to a team’s overall performance, this is Emotional Intelligence.

An example of Emotional Intelligence applies to the England, Italy quarter final. When the game came to penalty kicks the English side instantly became overcome with emotion of the tragic history England has for penalties, joint with the pressure of performing a successful penalty kick.

What was going through Ashley Cole and Ashley Young’s mind as they stepped up to the ball? Whatever it was, it was enough to affect their ability.

So what does this have to do with business owners?

Business owners also need this winning formula, with the stresses and seemingly financial doom we are facing at the moment highly skilled and    resourceful MD’s and managers are facing the similar lack of ability to control their emotions. Stresses and strains are leading us to play it safe and lose our nerve at the last minute just like we saw with our penalty kicks!

Business owners which state ‘emotion has no place in business’ are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with creating success during these stressful times. Emotions play a critical role in all areas of business, your teams are built around relationships and these relationships dictate the behavior and performance of your team.

Emotional Intelligence is not about being a soft touch, or how to calm down. It is about thinking clearly in those pressure moments, keeping your nerve and not allowing stress or pressure to cloud your usual capabilities and technical skill.

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence call: 01245 392 010 or visit www.team-results.co.uk


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