Apex International Recruitment

Team Results have worked with Apex International Recruitment, a specialist health professional recruitment agency for many years. We have recently caught up with MD Julie Payne to reflect on their interesting journey of growth and development.

What was your reasons for beginning your relationship with us?

I had began feeling disconnected to Apex for many reasons, mainly due to disruptive staff and generally a discontent for the direction of the business. I was investing everything to try and kick start the business but I knew I needed somewhere to discuss ideas and organise my thoughts.

How has Team Results helped you?

Business coaching gives me the perfect opportunity to take stock and throw ideas about,  it hasn’t always been easy, and there has been lots of trial and error which has helped me develop. We regularly locked horns over various topics, but it has also been great fun!

What changes have you made?

I feel much more focussed and happy with the direction of Apex. I understand how to best apply myself now and with it more confidence to put in place new policies and procedures that reflect my goals and direction. My team are now much more structured and they understand now what we are trying to achieve, this has improved all round performance.

I have embraced changes to many aspects of Apex such as working on information sharing and making the best of my team ensuring their strengths as well as mine are used in the right places. I have seen huge results from simple yet effective changes to my approach.

How have you developed personally?

Team Results have given me more than a business coach, my coach has seen me through difficult times and always helped me stay on track. Discussing various issues has always been a great help to my professional development and I continue to see results based on the enlightenment business coaching has given me over the years.

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