Case Study: Sportsafe UK

Team Results have been working with Sportsafe UK for over 3 years, recently we caught up with MD Jon Neill to reflect on his growth and development.

Sportsafe UK supply, inspect, repair and install sports and fitness equipment to over 60 public sector authorities and private customers situated throughout the UK.

What was your reasons for beginning your relationship with us?

I first heard about Team Results at an event I attended. I already had a successful company so wasn’t really seeking help, however when I met Peter Boolkah, one of the coaches, he made me think about the improvements I could make at Sportsafe UK, so I decided to give it a go for 3 months, that was 3 years ago now!

What issues did Team Results help you identify?

Initially it was difficult for me to highlight problems, but I began to realise we were working far too many hours for little return. We had plenty of work, but were finding it difficult to effectively manage our time to handle our workload. I could see that improvements needed to be made to our culture to direct my team in a more positive direction, improving morale and focus.

What changes have you made?

Creating structured teams in every department has created a more positive working environment, with performance monitoring keeping my team motivated to achieving some fantastic results. This has also given me more time back to concentrate on developing the business.

How have you developed personally?

I have a much better understanding of myself as a business owner, including my team and why they act the way they do. This has been crucial in having the right people at Sportsafe UK. I have gained a lot through my coaching sessions which has been a big driver for me to plan and implement change.

What are you planning for the future?

I am continuing with the development of Sportsafe UK, introducing new products and services to our Nationwide market. I want to introduce new ways of offering exceptional service to our customers, and continue my enjoyment of progressing the business to our strategic plan.

To read more click here, or visit the Sportsafe UK website here.


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