Marketing.. The Forgotten Piece

I am surprised by the way the majority of businesses I come into contact with approach their marketing strategy.  I met with a business owner last week who wanted to discuss their latest marketing ideas with me so that I could help them develop a brand new marketing plan.

I started by asking them the question “So where are you going to start?” They looked at me with a great big smile and said, “Just to show you that I listened to you last time we met, I have already identified my target markets, so that is where I am going to start.”

This is an excellent place to start with any marketing plan, but it was the next few steps that I was most interested in, as it is in these next steps that the majority of businesses make the biggest mistake, or should I rather say, their biggest omission.

When building a marketing plan or strategy, we need to know who and where we are going to target, but the next bit is the crucial bit- what are we going to tell them and why? When I asked the business owner this question, they started telling me about their latest new product range and all the accreditations it had. They also could tell me why it was so important to each of the target markets they had selected. That was when I hit them with the killer question, “What is your information based on, fact or opinion?”

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