How Much Value Does Your Sales Process Add?

The key strategy to grow any business has to be how effective it is at converting leads to profitable orders, or in other words, sales.

There are a wide range of beliefs held around sales people, from, “it’s what you do if you can’t get a proper job” to the pride and joy in being able to communicate with people and virtually write your own salary cheque. The most amazing thing I have seen is how little time and effort is invested in thinking about the sales process the business follows, how little time is spent training and developing the sales people on this process and why it is important.

Many business owners and sales directors still believe that to be successful at sales, you need people who have a good technical understanding of the product or service and who have the ‘gift of the gab’. They then spend most of their time managing their sales force around getting more and more activity completed, but very little time working on a sales process that adds value to both the prospects and the business itself.

So what do I really mean by a sales process? Many of you are going to immediately think about a heavily structured and scripted document that allows the sales people no scope for their own personality to shine and techniques to be used. Others may think immediately of the numerous telesales companies that call us many times a day with their very rigid scripts which allow for very little interaction. In both of examples, the only focus seems to be on getting a specific sale. Very little time and effort is placed on building a long term relationship and actually helping the prospect find a good solution to the problem or need that they may have. Sadly, many of the sales strategies being used today tend to create more of a negative feeling with people rather than a positive one.

With some of the more negative aspects of various sales processes out of the way, let me explain why I believe that having an effective sales process is so important.

I am a very strong believer that in business, the starting point for any strategy starts with the outcome you are looking for. A sales process must create a positive emotional experience for every customer or prospect that goes through it. 5 key areas a sales process must focus on are;

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