Increase your sales with effective follow up

As the business market becomes increasingly competitive, the effectiveness of our sales people and their processes becomes more and more essential. When I meet business owners and sales people, it is so surprising how little they focus on the follow up as part of their sales process.

In the market place we find ourselves in today, less than 4% of customers will actually tell you that they are unhappy with your service or product. Most companies only realise that a customer has left them when the sales figures for that customer have been zero for a while.

Here are some interesting statistics on why customers leave a supplier;

  • 1% die
  • 3% move away from the area
  • 5% will form a relationship with someone else
  • 9% leave for competitive reasons such as price
  • 14% leave as they are dissatisfied with your product or service
  • 68% leave because of a feeling of indifference towards them from the supplier or a person within the supplier’s.

The importance of a follow up is to keep the emotional connection and stop the customer feeling that they are not important.

To read the full article click here.


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