What is Effective Communication?

Everybody has their own unique style of communication that is influenced by their current situation, the relationships they are involved in and the expectations they have of themselves and others. We all have different goals, fears and motivations of the world. So, how can we communicate effectively with everyone we come into contact with?

Before we can understand if we are communicating effectively we first need to understand what communication truly is. Let’s go right back to basics. The dictionary defines communication as the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings. The word itself has been derived from the Latin word “communis”, meaning to share, so to communicate is to make common.  So our first major key to communicating effectively is to create a common, neutral language that is safe and accessible for everyone to use. That sounds all very nice and fluffy but in practice it is hard work, requires a lot of effort but brings immense rewards to an organisation.

Feedback is essential to effective communication.  Actually, it is only when we are communicating effectively that we read the feedback the other person is giving us and make changes accordingly. Many people miss the feedback signs, carrying on regardless and therefore causing a miss-communication or conflict.

People have different ways of communicating and giving feedback but there are some basic principles that we all instinctively follow.

DiSC is a personality profiling tool to help us understand these principles. With such tools we can interpret and understand the feedback people give us and adapt our communication accordingly, thus creating a safe, common, neutral language.

To understand more call us on 01245 392010

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