Identifying Your Goals.

At Team Results we regularly meet business owners who have lost their way, Ray Moore, owner and business coach has written this article, highlighting the importance of keeping focussed and working towards acheiving what you want from your business.

One of the joys of coaching is that by talking to many business owners I’m constantly learning. Recently, one of my clients remarked that the vision must be big enough that when ‘stuff’ gets in the way you can still see the way forward.

Visualise the common term the “road to success”…

You are standing at the opening to that road. In the distance you can see your life’s desire shining with the perfect clarity that you have created.

As you begin the journey towards that goal your head is held high, your pace is fast and your steps purposeful.

However the further along that road you go, small everyday challenges begin to slow you down and it becomes harder for you to lift your head. Your once quick pace becomes a dawdle and focus changes to look around for another route.

As time passes and these challenges mount until their weight becomes so heavy that the dream that once appeared so close now seems so far away.

Eventually because of these burdens, feeling disheartened and lacking in confidence you grind to a halt.

How true!  So many business owners know what they want to do, but the vision lacks clarity. Their desire is not big enough or strong enough, the realities of business life get in the way of them seeing and ultimately achieving it.

Make sure your vision is clearly defined so that when your nose is on the grindstone you can still lift your head and see the goal as you originally created it.

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