4 Fallacies in Marketing

Here are four of the most common fallacies that we often see from our work with hundreds of businesses over the years.

1.     Our Business is the Best!

Don’t be fooled by your own belief in your product or service. The hard fact is that your customers may not feel you are as special as you think. Remember, it’s all about how the market perceives your company, your product or service. Never become complacent. Never take your customers for granted. Always seek to improve the customer experience. Always try to view your business through the eyes of your prospect or customer. It can be a harsh wakeup call!

2.     Cheap Sells

This isn’t always true! Remember customers want value for money and not always just a bargain. If you cannot offer anything unique, or don’t invest in sales and marketing you may be forced to sell on price. Constantly, work on increasing the perceived value of your product or service and then on how to market it and sell it professionally.

3.     Customers Want Choice

Yes they do want choice but conversely giving them too many options will rarely improve sales. Know your Ideal Client’s needs and help them by making their buying decision as simple as possible either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Don’t confuse them with too many options as this can often give them more time for their final answer to be ‘No’.

4.     Keep Changing Strategy.

‘If it ain’t broke…’ certainly applies here, it may sound logical to stop a strategy because it’s been running for some time and you may be getting bored with it. Take a review of all the successful strategies you have run in the past and ask is it still running? You may be amazed at how many have lapsed. It may need updating but in fact, if that strategy has or had been generating sales, try improving it, don’t stop it. Remember most people will not have seen that message before, what seems old to you, will be brand new to most prospects.

….. and finally, always measure the return you get on every strategy. Once you can identify the return on your investment in marketing you have a machine that will help you create your long term sustainable wealth.

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