How Emotionally Intelligent is Your Marketing?

If you have attended any top level sales training or read any of the numerous books on sales available today, you will see repeatedly that the decision to buy anything is predominantly an emotional decision, in fact, most people who will say that 80% of any decision to buy something is an emotional one. How do we transfer this across to the many marketing messages we put out into the market?

We need to start by understanding how people measure marketing messages in general. Just think how you react to any marketing on the TV, do you hear yourself saying words like, “I love that ad” or “I can’t stand that advert?” What about when those local newspapers arrive and as you pick them up, all those flyers fall out all over the floor, have you ever said, “I am sick and tired, of all this junk mail they send!” All these words we use are almost always emotive words, so how often as a business leader or marketing person, do you think about how the audience you are targeting will react emotionally to the message you are sending out?

I believe that we measure marketing on the perception it creates within us and this perception is determined by the experiences of marketing messages we have seen and read, both past and current.

So how do we go about creating the emotional reaction in our marketing that will make our target audience contact us first or see us as their solution?

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