Selling A Business

My business is my pension” has been repeated time and time again by Business Owners over the years!

However, very few business owners build a business that is capable of being sold and even fewer achieve a sensible and rewarding price in the marketplace.  There are many reasons for this and what is clear is that a business will have little value unless the business owner specifically builds a model that will be capable of a reasonable valuation and a business that would be attractive to other potential purchasers.  There is another old adage which says “a business owner spends more time getting his car ready for sale than his business” and potential purchasers of businesses identify this time and time again as a very good reason why they lose interest in businesses or offer unacceptable purchase proposals.

It’s interesting that over 75% of businesses advertised for sale never go through to completion.

Some of the more common reasons as to why a business may not be saleable are as follows:-

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