So Why Should Customers Buy From Your Business?

I meet regularly with a wide variety of sales people. The point most of them want to discuss with me is what they need to do to win business in the current tough market, however, in each meeting I manage to turn general and lively discussions into absolute silence every time I ask them my question.

I ask each person the same question and the deadly silence that follows the question shows me that sales people often only think about prospects and customers from their own perspective and seldom look at the situation from the customers or prospects perspective.

The question that I ask is;

“If I am your ideal prospect and when we meet I ask why I should buy from you and your company as opposed to a competitor, what would you tell me?”

Many of the salespeople start by telling me about their broad range of products or services, but they are quickly silenced when I say that their competitors tell me the same thing. They then tell me about their personal service, large stock holding and many other features, but none of them are compelling enough to make them stand out from their competitors.

If you are a sales person, business owner or marketing person in a business, I ask them what does your business really do? What is it that you do that makes your customers keep buying from you?


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