First Waste: Waiting

In any business we should strive to reduce operational expense AND reduce inventories AND increase throughput simultaneously. ‘Lean’ management is a technique by which we can achieve this goal as at its core is the identification and removal of waste within the business. There are seven typical types of waste that are found and in this article we explore:


This is a very common form of waste in most businesses. Our team for whatever reason either

  • Don’t know what to do and have to wait
  • Know what to do and don’t want to do it so convince themselves they need help before they start
  • You have given what you believe is a clear instruction, they are afraid to tell you they don’t understand what is required so they keep their head down and hope it all goes away
  • Are unwilling to accept the responsibility of making a decision so they wait for help from someone else
  • Are waiting for resources not yet available

All this waiting affects the productivity of the business as a whole.  Let’s look at each one of these in turn.

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