What are the Key Factors that Make People Buy?

In today’s competitive market, the ability of businesses to sell effectively often determines the successful growth of a business.  If a business is generating large quantities of great leads, but cannot convert these into sales, that business will struggle. So before we start looking at the key factors that make people buy, let’s firstly get a clear understanding of what sales is.

In any sales process, a minimum of two people are involved, one selling and one looking to buy a product or service. Sounds simple, doesn’t it, but let’s dig a little deeper. In this interaction between the buyer and the seller, where will the decision always be made?  The only person who can place the order and then pay for the goods or service is the buyer, nothing happens until the buyer says, Yes.  So with this in mind, surely the focus should be on helping the buyer make their decision!  So much sales training available in the market tends to focus so much on sales techniques and ideas on how to question and close a sales deal, yet forgets the fact that the decision maker is not the salesperson, but the buyer. In fact, it could almost be said that there is no such thing as sales, only buying.

It has also been proven that any buying decision, no matter what the product or service is, is 80% emotional and only 20% logical.

With this all in mind, should the definition of sales not be; helping buyers make easier and more effective decisions?

With the above points all in mind, I would now like to take a look at the key emotional factors that will influence people’s decision in making a purchase.

I will only be looking at the emotional factors here and accept that the logical factors such as price, size, delivery and availability do all play a part in the decision making.

So what are the emotional factors all sales people need to consider when helping a person make a purchasing decision?

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