Second Waste: Right First Time

Another of the deadly wastes in business is not getting things right first time and this applies equally to all areas of the business.  Let’s look at some examples and the effects they may have.


This can be a worrying time for even the best judge of character and ability. We invest a huge amount of time and cost into this process in terms of interviewing hours, advertising, recruitment agencies costs, etc and that’s just to employ someone. Then when they start there is the induction time / costs. Often I hear Business Owners say that the employee isn’t really useful to them for a number of weeks until they are trained and get to know our systems. Imagine the shock and horror 3 months in when we finally decide the new recruit isn’t up to scratch!  Do we scrap and start again?, Just accept it because we can’t bare having to go through all that again? Cover things they can’t do themselves with someone else?  All of this puts a huge strain on the business and the Owner and if measured in terms of cost in hours and money would probably add up to a tidy sum.  OK, I understand it’s not that easy, however we should put systems in place which ensure we have a better chance of getting things right first time.


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