Positioning Your Marketing for Better Results

How you position your product or service is vital to your success, whether you choose to do it proactively or reactively, and by reactively, I mean you don’t do anything at all about your positioning.

What then is positioning?

Positioning is how you make your product or service appear different to your target audiences’ perception. It is the standout points that come to your audience when they think of your products or services compared to your competitors. When you think of Harrods as a shop, what do you think of? Probably exclusivity, wide range of high quality products and outstanding service. That is the way they have positioned themselves and there is no confusion when comparing them to Lidl.

Why is it important that you proactively position your product or service?

It is vitally important that you position your product or service so that you can create that level of differentiation against your competitors, otherwise the market will just position you as yet another supplier of these products or services, which will normally result in more price pressure on your offering.

With a powerful positioning, it will help you stand out from all the other marketing messages that they are regularly bombarded with.

The whole point of this positioning is to keep your product or service foremost in your target audiences’ mind when they are looking for a solution that you can offer.

Before you position your product or service there are 2 questions you need to ask yourself;

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