Third Waste- Motion (People Travelling)

The third waste in this series is where we have our team members travelling unnecessarily. Let’s look at 4 common examples business owners should consider:

The classic ‘Work meetings’.

Although I’m a great advocate of the face to face meeting it still amazes me the amount of time we have groups of people together from far and wide for the team meeting.  Sometimes they’ve got up early and travelled 2/3 hours to get to the venue for the early start, or arrived the night before and stayed in a local hotel, or simply travelled the length of the office to get there.  Each of these can be considered a waste as it doesn’t add value to the service offered to the client.

Now I’m not saying that we should abolish these immediately, however I do think that we should challenge old views and think how we can reduce the time spent travelling.  Firstly, how important are all these meetings? Is it vital to hold them so regularly? Does anything useful come out of them?  Secondly, if we do need them, how can we make sure they are located in such a way to reduce the bulk of the travelling? Could we use a better location or try Video Conferencing instead?

Not having everything to hand

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