Recruiting in Style

Team Results have recently been working with a client on the effective DiSC profiling tool and how it can lend itself to recruitment. We have posted this short article to give some ideas of what to think about throughout the process.


Recruitment can be a tough process to go through, especially as a wrong decision can result in a lengthy process to exit that person from your business.

I would never advocate basing a recruitment decision based purely on someone’s communication profile however if can be a  brilliant tool to help you understand their motivations, goals and fears when going through the recruitment process and when introducing them to you company.

The table below is based on a person’s DiSC profile. To find out more about DiSC, Communication and other leadership development strategies visit the Team Results website.

So what is the point of understanding why people are motivated to join you and your organisation? A strong team can make or break a company and developing an ‘All Star Team’ rather than a ‘Team of All Stars’ we can unlock infinite value.

To find out how you can develop an All Star Team call us on 01245 392 010.


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