Networking in the SME Market

We all know that one of the major keys to successful business is having good relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. If all these relationships are well developed a level of trust is created and therefore a good foundation for a sustainable business.

Networking is making contact with other business people in a supportive environment. This can take place at organised networking events, charity social events or even through hobbies such as sports. The value in networking for many people is to create relationships which could lead to a future sale or lasting alliance.

People have different opinions of networking, but love or loathe it widening your network is essential to finding customers, suppliers and even employees.

When networking you could meet people that might need your help or that might be able to help you with your own business.

People have different agendas at networking events and an error many of them commonly make is going around the room telling everybody what they offer. This is what we call active selling, which is a “no-no”. Never do this anywhere, because how do you know this person is in need of your service? People will simply switch off and avoid you in the future.

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