Fifth Waste- Doing More Than Needed

In any business we should strive to reduce operational expense AND reduce inventories AND increase throughput simultaneously. ‘Lean’ management is a technique by which we can achieve this goal as at its core is the identification and removal of waste within the business. There are seven typical types of waste that are found and in this article we explore:

Doing More Than Needed

This is a very common waste that is prevalent in most businesses that I assess. Let me explain a few examples.
When is a Job Finished?

Let’s assume we run a business that builds websites for their clients. We have a meeting at the beginning of the relationship where we obtain the brief of what the client requires in the way of a website. We agree a price for the work and then we get started. Now, when exactly can we say the job is finished? With something such as a website there is always something you can change to make it better. Three people can look at it and have an opinion as to whether the layout should be changed slightly, whether the font should be slightly bigger, changes to the colours etc.

This is subjective and can consume a lot of time so be careful to deliver to the customers’ expectations but not go too far in using up our valuable time.

Over Order to Cover all Eventualities

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