How to write a killer headline!

Without a headline that truly attracts the types of customers you are looking for, your product or service will just remain hidden.

How do you feel about that?

How often is it happening to you and your business?

In this modern world that we all live in today, we are consistently bombarded with different information and messages all day long, so deciding where to invest our valuable time is becoming more and more important.

The headline to your marketing is going to determine not only how many, but also who is going to read your marketing piece.

The headline has got to be written in a clear manner that draws in only the people you are targeting.

The most important thing to remember is that the headline you have written will only determine one thing, will the person seeing it make the decision to read your marketing piece or not, that is all that it will do.

Firstly, consider “who” you are contacting.

Who are the ideal customers you are looking to attract?

What makes them stand out from other people who have bought from you in the past?

Once you know who you want to contact, don’t tell these people why you think your product is so great, start researching what challenges they have and how your product or service can solve these for them.

A great headline must grab your ideal clients and make them sit up and take notice immediately!

Let’s have a look at the simple points that make up a great headline.

  1. Headlines must grab the attention immediately.

Most people who glance at any marketing material will only read the headline, so it is vital that you get this correct. The majority of research shows that 80% of people who read any marketing, only read the headline. The headline must be written in simple language that appeals to the target audience and must have an emotional connection that will connect with people.

  1. Headlines act as a key guide.

Your headline must give the reader a clear idea of what to expect in the following message. Ensure you review the relevance of this message- will they read it?

  1. They prepare the reader for what is coming next!

The headline builds the important interest to what comes next. They get the reader thinking about how great it could be to solve a problem or how wonderful it would be to bring on a new customer. At this point, the headline should have created a sense of excitement about what is coming next.

  1. The headline must be simple, honest and powerful to targeted readers.

The language and emotional connection you make with your reader in the headline will determine how quickly they will get to reading your message. The simpler the language and the deeper the emotional connection to the reader, the better they will remember your message. The reader must start thinking, “That is exactly what I am looking for!”

Now go back and look at all your marketing material and see how powerful your headlines are, but remember the most crucial bit of advice is that they must appeal to your target audience, not you or anybody else who works for you.

If you are using email marketing as one of your strategies, please remember that that you have two possibilities to write headlines and the most important one is the subject line in the email. This is where the readers make the decision whether they are going to read the email or not. Many businesses have created a great headline for their email marketing piece, but left the subject line blank or put something really boring in the subject.

The whole idea of marketing is to get a conversation going between you and your ideal prospect and if they don’t read the headline, no matter how great the product or service is, no conversation starts.

Now go out there, do your research on what your ideal prospects are looking for and then write some great headlines that gets them streaming in to buy from you.


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