How to Celebrate The World Cup and Keep Your Team Happy

The World Cup is nearly here, which for many football lovers is a great time to enjoy. For others, less football minded…. it might be a time of agony. In many companies sweep stakes are organised and even decorations have gone up.

This is not always in line with the professional image of a company, and also other issues around the World Cup might come to surface. What about people calling in sick, after a very good or very poor performance of the England squad? Or what about dress code, as you want to keep a professional appearance towards customers and suppliers.

Most of these questions can be answered by your team. If you have a clear culture in your company, they should be able to determine what can and can’t be done, in line with those values. I remember four years ago, just before the World Cup started, I called a team meeting just to discuss our rules around the World Cup. I made absolutely clear these were not my rules, but rules we would agree upon as a team.

As the Managing Director at the time of a large team, I felt it was necessary to set some ground rules around dress code, etc.

During the team meeting one of the guys asked if football shirts would be acceptable. This was a very daring proposal, considering that the normal dress code was shirt and trousers (no jeans). I looked around the meeting room and asked for the opinion of the others. Some people said that would not be agreeable, in case we had visitors on site. On the other hand, only lorry drivers booking their loads in/out would usually see us, and it could give us a relaxed appearance.

In the end we agreed that we all would be allowed to wear football shirts, unless we were expecting visitors to the terminal. If we had any expected visitors I would advise the team in advance, so that appropriate attire could be worn. This was an acceptable outcome for all.

It was very interesting for me that most of the team members were concerned about our visitors, and I didn’t need to raise it.

The World Cup rules were drawn up and signed by all staff members. The rules were clearly shown in the office, and during the World Cup we had no absence, and people were flexible to watch the game, when the rest of the team was covering.

This clearly proved again that rules agreed by the team, will always be reinforced by the team. Rules that are set by the MD, need to be reinforced by the MD.

As business owners we often aim for ‘a business that works without me’, often a very difficult situation to achieve. But by giving your team responsibility, you will encourage that more and more.

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