Customer Feedback You Cannot Ignore

waiter feedback

Andy Sleet  Business Growth Expert

Andy Sleet
Business Growth Expert

You may have seen this picture banded around Social Media sites. What a powerful image.

How would you feel if you saw this on one of your tables?

On a busy day it can be difficult to maintain our company service standards. We may be rushed, be dealing with special orders or trying to cover sickness and holiday.

What could have changed this experience for the customer? What was you doing instead of welcoming that customer and ensuring they are comfortable and settled?

I have been working with many business owners that have run restaurants, bars and hotels for many years and have always taught this key principle:

The first 5 minutes of service delivery is the most important. Greet guests, make them feel apart of your brand and settle them. 

Ignoring your customers, making them wait or feel out of place in those first 5 minutes is the quickest way to achieve situations like that displayed in this image!


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